Supply Chain Constraints & Sustainability | AMCHAM Shanghai Webinar

If you are interested in learning about how the environmental, social, or economic challenges faced are translating into constraints for global supply chains, and therefore inflation, I invite you to view my recent presentation at AMCHAM Shanghai's Sustainability Monthly Webinar.

Through it I speak tie together the recent drought that was faced in Southwest China, the impact it had to regional cities ( industries, and than I deep dive into how this is translating into (and exacerbating) China's food security issues.

Given the challenges around water are tied not only to the supply of water delivered by the environment, and what impact climate change is having on weather patterns, the demand side growth from cities and farms, have created significant (additional) pressure on the water cycle.


About AMCHAM Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Committee:

The mission of the AmCham Shanghai Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Committee is to inspire, encourage and strengthen the sustainability and corporate responsibility awareness and practices among AmCham Shanghai members.

Mission Driven Podcast

Mission Driven Entrepreneurship Podcast

If you are a mission driven entrepreneur, looking to start an organization, build stable cash flow, better manage your team, or drive the scale of impact, then we’d like to invite you to join our upcoming “Founder” series.

A series where Tom Stader, Founder of The Library Project and myself, Founder of Collective Responsibility and HandsOn China, speak through the lessons they have learned building organizations, profit and non, over the last 15 years.

We have built the series around 10 critical areas of starting, and scaling, an organization, and through these hour long conversations, we hope will not only engage and inspire you, but provide insights and tools that will help you move your mission forward.

Schedule of Conversations:

April 15: Getting Starting
April 22: Your First Program, Product, or Service
April 29: Profit Vs. Non-profit

May 6: Funding & Managing Cash Flow
- Join on Clubhouse or Zoom

May 13: Building & Managing Teams
- Join on Clubhouse or Zoom

May 20: Marketing and Communications
- Join on Clubhouse or Zoom

May 27: Building Your First Board
- Join on Clubhouse or Zoom

June 3: Going to Scale
- Join on Clubhouse or Zoom

June 10: Defining, Measuring, and Celebrating Success
- Join on Clubhouse or Zoom

June 17: Founder Wellness
- Join on Clubhouse or Zoom

If interested in joining, please follow us on clubhouse (@missiondriven), or on LinkedIn and Facebook, where we will post Zoom links for everyone to join in.

We look forward to engaging with you, and if there is a topic you'd like to discuss, or a question you’d like answered, feel free to reach out in the comments section below, email, or throw your hand up during one of the sessions!