Be it through teaching, immersive experiences, or projects, through my academic engagement, my primary purpose is to help provide a real world connection between the challenges faced and the opportunities that leaders have to leverage the power of business to solve those challenges.
To date, I have been fortunate to have served as an adjunct professor at some of Asia’s leading institutions ,delivered more than 250 live projects and 15 hackathons, and engaged hundreds of students in unique immersion experiences.


8 year tenure as adjunct professor where I designed and Delivered two courses: Sustainability & Responsible Leadership and Growth through Sustainability

Supporting the development of ESG Executive Certification course for professionals and government officials from the ASEAN region.

Served as an adjunct professor to two cohorts of students in Master’s of Tri-Sector Collaboration program, supporting consulting projects focused on alleviating social issues faced in Singapore.

Developed, and delivered, a two-week immersion program for 100 Monash University students to explore a variety of sustainability challenges faced.

Provide ongoing support to global immersion program, where students provide probono consulting support to social entrepreneurs (globally).

Delivered course on social innovation and entrepreneurship to two cohorts of MBA students.


Throughout my engagements, I have often sought to develop live experiences that integrate academic lessons with the real world through and hands on projects that engages students, and bring value to corporate partners, non-profit institutions, and entrepreneur-led organizations.
To date, I have developed and overseen more than 250 projects, with many delivering practical outcomes and scalable results to clients.


Developed and managed numerous hackathons where students from leading universities worked together with corporate sponsors (and their mentors) to find new solutions (in the form of business plans, software or hardware) to a sustainability or social innovation related challenge,

Students worked to develop solutions that would address sanitation issues for residents whose toilets were disconnected from urban service in China

Student teams worked with executives from leading technology and design communities to create a mobile app that helps connect migrant workers parents and their left-behind children.

The goal of the 24hr hackathon was for teams to develop an APP supporting allergy suffers in China, with a focus on the business model and go-to-market strategy for their solution.


Hackathon focused on understanding the market needs for branded car services, and the major areas of personalization required as part of the service.

Through this hackathon, students worked with agriculture executives and non-profit leaders, to generate business models solutions that address forced labor in Thailand commercial fishery industry.