UPS Road Code

Based on a research in 2011, China has suffered from 15% of the world’s traffic accidents, with 1.9% of the world’s total number of vehicles. Due to the lack of safety awareness and others, China has the highest mortality rate of traffic accidents. Over 100,000 Chinese citizens lose their life to traffic accidents every year.

Car accidents have become the leading cause of death for China’s new generation. In 2010, over 1,000 people were killed by traffic accidents in Shanghai, 17% of which involves young people from the age of 10 to 24.

The objective of UPS Road Code program is to raise awareness on road safety and cultivate healthy driving habits among new or potential drivers throughout China. By implementing the Road Code program, we aim to build a healthier traffic environment in China and help develop China’s next generation into safe, cautious drivers.

  1. Project Implementation Plan

Scope of Program and Targeted Beneficiary
Through the 2016 road code program, we will continue our focus on engaging local university students, aged of 18-22 years old. Additionally, following conversations with local UPS and Ministry of Education representatives, we will also begin developing partnerships with local migrant schools as part of an effort to engage and train the parents and teachers of young students.

Through these activities, we expect to engage between 450 participants; 350 students from 20 universities, 50 teachers and parents from 10 migrant schools, and 50 local UPS employees and families as participants in the 2016 Road Code program.

To ensure the highest level of impact and awareness about road safety in the Shanghai area, the 2016 Road Code Program will have the following stages: program outreach, class based learning, ongoing reinforcement, and year end ceremony.

Through this program, nearly 5000 students, from 25+ universities, were engaged.