From 2010-2015, HandsOn Shanghai has developed this “Shutterbug Club” project in Shanghai migrant schools, with nearly 200 migrant students attended the photography skill lessons.   Their passion for capturing beautiful moments and incredible talent, not only impressed all the volunteers, even the children themselves were pleasantly surprised.

Program Overview

Shutterbug Club is a project that teaches the art of photography to marginalized children in Shanghai. We use photography to capture the imagination of children, to empower them, building confidence, self-esteem and hope. We share their vision and voices with the world through photos and exhibitions. We work with volunteers to strengthen the children’s education and general well-being

The Goals of the program are to:

  • Improve the quality of education at Shanghai’s migrant schools
  • Enable growth and development of student interests; and built confidence through accomplishment in a long run

Become part of their good memories about Shanghai when they grow older

Ptogram Structure

10 week scalable curriculum that can be conducted in multiple schools by volunteers

  • 3 hour classes
  • 30-45 minutes lecture
  • 1.5 hours in field
  • 30-45 minutes review

Groups of 20 (18 migrant students/ 2 migrant teachers)

  • Teachers were introduced to develop capacity, provide supervisions, and encourage teacher retention

10 volunteers assist primary teachers

  • Allow for volunteers and students to develop close relationships and trusted friends
  • Provided another avenue for interested volunteers to engage community
  • Would create the ongoing pool of coordinators and teachers needed to scale

Pictures from Students